MINERVA-Australis: mdVine


About mdVine

The MINERVA-Australis dataset is curated through the mdVine online catalog browser software developed by the UniSQ Astrophysics group. The web app provides a file browser-like view of files available in the catalog, with a wide range of metadata available for searching and filtering. Collections define groups of files with common metadata values and allow effective categorisation as well as ease of access.  Authorised users can add metadata to files and can create new collections to further add value to the catalog.

Photo: Server Room by David Martinelli


Accessing the Dataset

To access the MINERVA-Australis catalog managed in the mdVine system, users will need to have an ORCID account. New users will enter the mdVine system as “Readers” and have read-only access to publicly available data. Please contact the Curator to upgrade your role or to access embargoed data.

Photo: Server Room by David Martinelli

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