Stephen Marsden

Stephen Marsden

Associate Professor

Location: Giabal and Jarowair Country, Toowoomba Campus

After completing a BSc (Honours) at Monash University I came to UniSQ to undertake a PhD under the supervision of Dr. (now Professor) Brad Carter. This project was looking at the magnetic activity of the Sun-like stars in two young Southern Open cluster (IC 2391 and IC 2602). After graduation I went to work at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland working on mapping the starspots of the guide star (IM Pegasi) for the NASA Gravity Probe B satellite mission. I then returned to Australia to work as the Anglo-Australian Research Fellow working with the Anglo-Australian Telescope. I then took up a lecturing position at James Cook University and when they closed down their astronomy department I found myself back at UniSQ. At UniSQ I currently teach into the Master of Science (Astrophysics) as well as supervising several PhD students. I am also currently co-leader of the international BCool project studying the magnetic fields of cool stars.

  • BCool: International project looking at the magnetic activity of mature cool stars like our own Sun. Co-leader.
  • BRITEpol: International project looking at the magnetic fields of the brightest stars in the night sky. Co-leader of cool stars section.
  • BINAMICS: International project looking at how the magnetic fields of binary stars interact. Cool star member.
  • The magnetic activity of Sun-like stars and its impact on exoplanets

Prof Marsden’s publications can be viewed here