Micheal Cowley (he/him)

Micheal Cowley (he/him)

Adjunct Research Fellow

Location: Yuggera Country, Brisbane, QLD
Personal Website

Michael is the head of the Astrophysics Research Group at the Queensland University of Technology and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland. In addition to this, he is a Science Liaison for CSIRO’s Scientists in Schools program, a steering committee member for the Astronomical Society of Australia’s Education and Public Outreach Chapter, a member of the International Astronomical Union Working Group on Theory and Methods in Astronomy Education, and a scientific adviser to the lighting industry.

Michael contributes to TAIPAN, ZFOURGE and ZFIRE, which are extragalactic surveys tasked with studying the physical processes related to the formation and evolution of galaxies.

  • Extragalactic Astrophysics
  • Physics Education
  • Lighting Physics
  • Cosmology

Dr Cowley’s publications can be viewed here