Marusa Zerjal

Marusa Zerjal

Adjunct Research Fellow

Location: San Cristóbal de la Laguna, Spain

My main interest is young cool stars near the Sun. I search for them by observing the most likely candidates in the Milky Way with large telescopes and look for signs of their youth in their spectra. This helps us to estimate their age and age of young exoplanets they might host. Such young stars are often found in open clusters or sparser and dispersing stellar associations that still show the kinematics properties of their birth site imprinted in their common motion through space. I am characterising young associations and search for their members to study their kinematics and learn more about their history and kinematic age. 

  • Characterisation of young stellar associations and their kinematic ages
  • Spectroscopic youth indicators
  • Stellar Associations and their Kinematics
  • Spectroscopic Youth Indicators
  • Young Stars

Dr Zerjal’s publications can be viewed here