Jessie Christiansen

Jessie Christiansen

Adjunct Research Fellow

Location: Los Angeles, United States of America


 Dr Jessie Christiansen is an astrophysicist and Deputy Science Lead at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute. She searches for, studies, and catalogs extrasolar planets – planets orbiting other stars. She has worked on many NASA planet-hunting projects, including the EPOXI, Kepler, and TESS missions. She got her PhD at the UNSW, her BSc(Hons) at ANU, and her BSc (with Advanced Studies) at Griffith University.

Jessie is working on exoplanet projects with the NASA TESS, K2, and Kepler mission data. She is co-chair of the Exoplanets Program Analysis Group Exoplanet Demographics science interest group, is leading a research group to perform the first demographics using K2 data, and leads the TESS Demographics Working Group. Jessie is the Archive Scientist for the Pandora Pioneers mission.

  • Exoplanet detection, characterization, and demographics

Dr Christiansen’s publications can be viewed here