Ian Waite

Ian Waite

Adjunct Research Fellow

Location: Giabal and Jarowair Country, Toowoomba Campus

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By day, I am the Data Analyst, Timetabler and Senior Physics teacher at Toowoomba Grammar School (TGS), but by night I am an adjunct research fellow in Astronomy. My Master of Philosophy involved the photospheric and chromospheric study of the active star PZ Telescopium; the latter involved using magnetohydrodynamic modelling to infer the vertical structure of its chromophere. My PhD used spectropolarimetry to map the global surface magnetic fields of young, active, solar-type stars. Although TGS and UniSQ keep me busy, when I have spare spare time, I cycle, both road and mountain biking, often with my adult children.

Currently I am working with Associate Professor Stephen Marsden and PhD students using Zeeman Doppler Imaging to infer the global magnetic fields on Solar-type stars and the underlying dynamo generating these fields. Additionally, I am working with Professor John Keilkopf using the Shared-Skies telescope to identify false-positives in the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). During quiet times with SG1, I am acquiring data that may be used in first-year undergraduate Astronomy courses.

  • Transiting Exoplanets orbiting cool stars
  • Activity and Magnetic fields of solar-type stars
  • Physics Education in Queensland Secondary Schools

Dr Waite’s publications can be viewed here