Emma Nabbie (she/her)

Emma Nabbie (she/her)

PhD Student

Location: Giabal and Jarowair Country, Toowoomba Campus

Hello! I am a PhD student at UniSQ working on exoplanet characterisation. My undergraduate research focused on stellar astrophysics, as I used photometry to investigate stellar properties. I received my BSc with Honours degree from the University of Florida, where I conducted research on the disks surrounding young stars. While I was pursuing my degree, I also completed an internship at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I worked on characterising exoplanet host stars. At UniSQ, I will use my background in stellar photometry to infer the properties of multi-planet systems. By better understanding how planets influence each other, we can gain further insight into the orbital dynamics of our own solar system.

My PhD focuses on characterising TESS planetary systems that exhibit TTVs, or transit-timing variations – small changes in the orbital period of a planet due to gravitational perturbations from neighbouring planets. These TTVs reveal not only the presence of other planets, but also properties such as the planets’ mass. My project will focus on observing TESS systems with MINERVA-Australis to characterise the planets within them. I will also be using this data to create models that will investigate the dynamics of multi-planet systems and learn more about how planets interact with one another.

  • Exoplanet Detection & Characterisation
  • Multi-Planet Systems
  • Stellar Astrophysics

Ms Nabbie’s publications can be viewed here