Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown


Location: Giabal and Jarowair Country, Toowoomba Campus

I became interested in astrophysics at a very young age and from that day, my life became focused on becoming an Astrophysicist (if only I could pronounce it!). Joining the ranks of the University of Southern Queensland’s full-time Academic staff in 2009, I lectured in Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering, while finishing my PhD (2011). Since then, I have also been heavily involved in the outreach and engagement of Astronomy in my community.

In addition to my teaching and outreach, I have a passion for research in the fields of stellar astronomy, and more recently, the planetary systems that may reside around stars other than our own Sun. I strive to foster the interest and knowledge of the new generations of Astrophysicists as we attempt to understand the Universe and what it has to show us.

As far as projects are concerned, I have a somewhat varied interest in many slightly-related research areas. Projects that I am currently involved with include confirmation of TESS candidates through both the MINERVA-Australis and the Shared Skies projects.

Post-graduate projects that I am involved in include history of astronomy projects such as New Zealand’s contribution to comet observations; determining the accuracy of old southern sky double star catalogues; and using ROCKE-3D to investigate the likelihood of sustainable conditions for habitability on other planets both past and present.

In addition, the investigation of the activity of young solar analogues and their effects on planetary systems is something I would like to get more involved in. Finally, for now at least, I am involved in a team that hopes to compile a southern sky catalogue of double stars, similar to that of the US Naval Observatory in the northern hemisphere.

  • Stellar Astronomy
  • Planetary Systems

Dr Brown’s publications can be viewed here