Brad Carter

Brad Carter


Location: Yuggera Country, Springfield Campus


A UQ graduate who also has worked at UNSW, Brad has been an academic at UniSQ since 1995. Brad’s teaching experience includes physics, astronomy, science and engineering, and his research experience includes stellar astrophysics, exoplanet science, astronomical instrumentation and other areas of astronomical and space sciences. Today Brad’s research focus is on the shared evolution of stars and their planetary systems, and the technology used to observe them. His current UniSQ roles include Professor (Physics), Discipline Team Leader (Physics & Astronomy), and Director of the Centre for Astrophysics in the Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences. Brad’s ongoing activities include representing UniSQ in national and international research partnerships, postgraduate student supervision, and working with the team operating Mt Kent Observatory as Queensland’s astronomical and space sciences research facility.

These include investigator roles on ARC funded projects providing the Veloce spectrograph and a new auxiliary feed telescope called RAPTOR for the Anglo-Australian Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory, as well as involvement with the MINERVA-Australis exoplanet spectroscopy facility and the DLR SMARTnet space debris survey facility at Mt Kent Observatory, planning for the forthcoming Twinkle Space Mission orbiting telescope, and the application of astronomical image analysis and satellites to improve rapid wildfire detection.

  • Stellar Astronomy and Planetary Systems
  • Astronomical and Space Instrumentation

Prof Carter’s publications can be viewed here